Stop Motion Animation:

As a child, Cadmus was introduced to the world of stop motion through the works of Tim Burton and Aardman Studios. At a young age, he would shoot clips of action figures and creatures made of clay on the family's Sony camcorder. It was not until his late teen years that Cadmus returned to stop motion filmmaking. Tired of trying to convince the same few friends to partake in his films, he decided to use puppets instead of actors. 

After months of research and practice, Cadmus completed his first stop motion short film, Catharsis Cathedral, in 2016. As of August 2017, Cadmus has completed 3 short films and one company ident/advertisement for College Web Media (CWM.) He also contributed a stop motion segment for the trailer of upcoming VR haunt/experience, VKult. 



VKult Title Intro

Commissioned by Erick Rodriguez of Imaginerick Studio and David Pursely. July 2017.

College Web Media- "I want my CWM!"

 Commissioned by Rudy Chavarria of College Web Media. January 2017.


The Drink of the Damned

A Gothic Horror short film. Inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula. October 2016

Krampus: Yuletide Devil 

Holiday short film. Music by Malena DePersis and Christopher Smith. December 2016

Catharsis Cathedral

An experiment in creating an emotive, Gothic atmosphere. Concept revisited in The Drink of the Damned. July 2016.