Filmmaking Bio:

Cadmus Rimbeaux started his filmmaking career as a late teen working on a number of stop motion animated shorts. The first of these, Catharsis Cathedral, was an homage to the gothic expressionist works of Tim Burton, F. W. Murnau, and Alex Proyas. Shortly after Cadmus completed The Drink of the Damned. This short, though filmed in a style akin to Catharsis Cathedral, portrayed a kind of dark Bloodmoon nightscape in stark contrast to Catharsis Cathedral's theme of sanctity and release.

In January 2017, Cadmus completed his first commercial work in stop motion animation, a company ident for College Web Media (CWM.)

At present, Cadmus is collaborating with Erick Rodriguez of Imaginerick Studio and David Pursely on the VR haunt/experience, VKult. The immersive horror experience will make extensive use of tradition practical special effects including stop motion animation.


~To see the films and videos by Cadmus Rimbeaux, follow the link to his official YouTube page~