TOXIC MAN: a BioPunk Blowout- GoFundMe now live

Well kids, with the finishing touches being put on Haemophobia I have been doubling up my labor working on the second draft of Toxic Man. This marks my first time juggling two serious personal projects at once. It's wild I tell ya. Wild. I sent the script out to a handful of colleagues and collaborators for their feedback. Last time with Haemophobia I was the only person who worked on the script which was... fine... ... thank god for "fixing it in post" (ugh, so many unnecessary lines.) Generally, I expect Toxic Man to be a more powerful, passionate film. There's a theme of violence and release that zings through the script in such a way that starkly contrasts the unreleased tensions of Haemophobia. For those that don't know, I seem to follow a night and day thing in my work. Notice how my stop motion film, Catharsis Cathedral, was immediately followed by The Drink of the Damned- it's spiritual opposite. 

I launched the GoFundMe campaign for Toxic Man a few days ago- the end goal being $6000. This time we'll need a legit budget to pay people for their time and for their work. It also helps when I'm not the only one octopus-arming my way through the special effects department! 

Expect more updates soon! I won't say much but I've been considering a vlog series, doing FX for other filmmakers, and even getting into publishing...

Haemophobia should be complete in the next couple weeks.
In the meantime, spread the word. Support independent cinema. Do your part.