Haemophobia Soundtrack + Toxic Man Draft 3

Haemophobia had some setbacks in editing. Todd, the Post Production Dude, had caught a bad cold right before Thanksgiving, poor guy. After a couple weeks without editing, we got back to it on Tuesday tackling the soundtrack. We had recorded an assortment of percussive clangs, bangs, and znyoooms with the goal of clipping it all together to sound like an Einsturzende Neubauten composition. We learned that that will be a bit harder than we thought... or to me... exactly as hard as I thought. 

Now hol' up. All is not lost. We did not record all the metallic crashing and banging for nothing. A couple years ago I used an app to make a little clip of techno music for Vkult. I rediscovered the app and started making little synth beats and ambient lulls. This morning I plugged the audio into my editing program and began to edit and warp the sounds into something eerier and sinister. I learned how to export audio files at the same time! Good job, me. :)

Today I also typed the first new sentences of Toxic Man draft 3. I saw Fight Club the other night and was impressed again by the notion that you don't always end up drawing inspiration from films and stories *like* what you are currently telling. I think in some cases the strength of a story lies in its ability to express universal emotions and situations, not just in its ability to stand alone as art or whatever...

So for Toxic Man draft TWO, the good word has been that my overall theme was better expressed and that the story *is* now a tighter tell. I should also bring in a female writer for some help with the female characters. Haemophoia happily passed the Bechdel and Mako Mori tests where Toxic Man miserably and deliberately fails. I may have gone too far though, to the point where the female characters are just cardboard cutouts. Well, no, I didn't go *too* far, I went too far for one character. The film is an exhibition of a (literally) toxic man, told with intentional and intense male gaze, but still, I do want to do my characters justice. They should live and breath as much as they can- all for the sake of strengthening the story. 

This post comes as part of a new resolution to blog more, post on my Facebook page more, and Tweet more. We'll see how that goes!