Haemophobia- Progress

Today marks exactly one month since I began working on Haemophobia, a body horror short film conceptualized by my friend Devon Larae (the Producer/Co-Producer). I am glad to say that it has been a very productive month! I have completed the initial screenplay, begun work on the story boards, and started putting feelers out for a cast and crew (it's not quite as difficult as I thought, being on the wrong side of the country!) None of my projects has ever gotten off to such a good start so fast before. Take Hel Unbound for example, I had the fetus of an idea two years ago and I'm still trudging through the pre-production stages...

Haemophobia, which revolves around a woman whose spilled blood mutates into tiny monsters, is in a body of work akin to that of John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and early Guillermo Del Toro... with what I hope plays out as Tarntinian dialogue. We shall see... Even though I've been inspired by 80's cult horror films in terms of story, I'm hoping to avoid 80's aesthetics as much as possible. I love "nostalgia" when someone else is doing it, but I like to think I can create something that does not date itself to a particular decade- past or present. Herculean task? Maybe.

It's a strange thing to realize, like really realize and comprehend, that no one can teach you how to be original or show you what your artistic style will be. In a way it is terrifying, though the terror quickly turns into an overwhelming and inspiring sense of freedom. All I can say at this stage is that you like what you like, you're inspired by what inspires you (not exactly the same thing as "what you like,") and out from that somehow your style or voice will be established. 

It occurs to me that I fell asleep last night with an idea for a "trailer" for Haemophobia stuck in my head. I challenge myself to complete the task of getting a rough trailer made this week while having no cast members, no solid crew, and while being states away from my collaborators. If I manage to come up with anything the results will be posted on my social media pages. 

"Remember, never let them ride your wave-" (Coach Lilly)

C. Rimbeaux